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Jack Motter and Jeff Kramer are life-long friends who grew up in fourth generation farming families in the small town of Brawley, located in the Imperial Valley in the desert of Southeastern California. We each attended college in Santa Barbara and have lived in this area since 2002.  Jack established Ellwood
Canyon Farms in 2009, and Jeff has been on board since 2010.  We are very excited and feel blessed to be farming in the fertile Goleta Valley.  We are confident in the soil and climate of our current ranch and look forward to a bountiful future.

Our goal is to grow healthy organic crops.  We honor our soils and the environment in which we grow in and have created a system that gives back to the land and maintains fertility in our fields.  We believe fresh healthy food is cornerstone to healthy lives, healthy communities and a healthy planet and we are honored to play a part in providing this to our community and customers everywhere.

Ellwood Canyon Farms is currently located on 75 acres of diverse organic farm ground located up Winchester Canyon Road in Goleta California.  Our soils and fields range from flat river bottom loams to heavier soils on south facing slopes.  Our ranch is coastal and enjoys a mild climate, which allows year around production of a wide variety of vegetables. Our two main crops our fresh market Tomatoes and Peas which we sell at local farmers markets, an on farm produce stand and a diversity of wholesale outlets. We implement organic methods of farming where we focus on building long term soil fertility through crop diversity, crop rotation, cover cropping and applying compost.  Only the finest varieties of vegetables are grown on our farm, often specialty or heirloom, chosen for their taste, nutrition, vigor and beauty.  We invite you to stop by our booth at the farmers market or send an email and request our wholesale offerings.

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